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Flux in Action: Advanced Industry Use Cases

Flux, with its extensive command library, is redefining automation across various sectors. From manufacturing floors to solar fields, let's dive deeper into its real-world applications.

1. Manufacturing: Automated Error Handling

In a high-tech manufacturing plant, machines are in constant operation, churning out products while simultaneously reporting their status. Production metrics are stored for later analysis, and if a machine signals an error, immediate action is taken to prevent downtime or further complications.

ON MQTT_TOPIC machines/production_data
    PARSE_JSON topic_message TO productionData
    EXTRACT machine_id FROM productionData TO machineID
    EXTRACT status FROM productionData TO machineStatus
    WRITE_FILE /data/${machineID}.log WITH productionData

    IF machineStatus EQUALS "error"
        STOP_ASSET ${machineID}
        PUBLISH maintenance/alerts WITH "Machine ${machineID} stopped due to error."

In this script, Flux accomplishes the following:

  • Listens for machine data and parses it.
  • Extracts the machine's ID and status.
  • Logs the data for that specific machine.
  • Checks for any errors and stops the machine while alerting the maintenance team if one is found.

Flow Diagram:

    participant Machine
    participant FluxScript
    participant LogFile
    participant MaintenanceTeam
    Machine->>FluxScript: Sends production data
    FluxScript->>LogFile: Logs data for specific machine
    FluxScript->>MaintenanceTeam: Sends alert on machine error

2. Logistics: Ensuring Quality in Perishable Goods Transport

For a logistics company transporting perishable goods, maintaining the right temperature inside the containers is paramount. Flux can constantly monitor and act if temperatures exceed safe thresholds.

ON MQTT_TOPIC containers/temperature_data
    PARSE_JSON topic_message TO tempData
    EXTRACT container_id FROM tempData TO containerID
    EXTRACT temperature FROM tempData TO containerTemp

    IF containerTemp > 25
        PUBLISH alerts/container_overheat WITH "Container ${containerID} exceeds temperature limit!"
        START_ASSET coolingSystem_${containerID}

Here, Flux:

  • Captures the temperature data from various containers.
  • Parses and identifies which container is sending the data.
  • Takes corrective action by starting the cooling system and sending an alert if temperatures exceed 25°C.

Flow Diagram:

    participant Container
    participant FluxScript
    participant CoolingSystem
    participant AlertsSystem
    Container->>FluxScript: Sends temperature data
    FluxScript->>CoolingSystem: Activates on high temperature
    FluxScript->>AlertsSystem: Sends overheat alert

3. Energy: Efficient Solar Panel Monitoring

In a solar farm, individual panel efficiency can vary due to various reasons. Flux ensures that under-performing panels are promptly identified and dealt with.

ON MQTT_TOPIC solar_panels/energy_output
    PARSE_JSON topic_message TO energyData
    EXTRACT panel_id FROM energyData TO panelID
    EXTRACT energy_output FROM energyData TO output

    IF output < 50
        PUBLISH maintenance/alerts WITH "Solar panel ${panelID} has reduced output. Check for issues or dirt."

Through this script, Flux:

  • Monitors energy output data from solar panels.
  • Parses the data to identify the specific panel and its output.
  • Sends an alert if a panel's output falls below expected levels.

Flow Diagram:

    participant SolarPanel
    participant FluxScript
    participant MaintenanceTeam
    SolarPanel->>FluxScript: Sends energy output data
    FluxScript->>MaintenanceTeam: Sends alert on reduced output

4. Robotics: Intelligent Warehouse Management

In modern warehouses managed by AI-powered robots, Flux ensures that robot tasks are executed efficiently, taking into account variables like battery status.

ON MQTT_TOPIC robots/battery_status
    PARSE_JSON topic_message TO batteryData
    EXTRACT robot_id FROM batteryData TO robotID
    EXTRACT battery_level FROM batteryData TO batteryLevel

    IF batteryLevel < 20
        PUBLISH robots/tasks/transfer WITH "Transfer tasks of ${robotID} to another robot."
        PUBLISH robots/${robotID}/commands WITH "Go to the charging station."

Here, Flux:

  • Monitors battery status of warehouse robots.
  • Parses the data to identify the robot and its battery level.
  • Initiates a task transfer for robots with low battery and commands them to proceed to the charging station.

Flow Diagram:

    participant Robot
    participant FluxScript
    participant TaskManager
    participant ChargingStation
    Robot->>FluxScript: Sends battery status
    FluxScript->>TaskManager: Initiates task transfer
    FluxScript->>ChargingStation: Sends robot to charge

With these in-depth examples, it becomes evident how Flux's capabilities extend far beyond basic device control, reaching into intricate task management, efficient error handling, and real-time decision-making across various industries.