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Flux Language (Coreflux v1.30 in alpha)

Exclusive Access to Flux Language

As of Coreflux v1.30, the Flux language is in its alpha stage and is exclusively available to our esteemed Partner Customers from the Coreflux Partner Program. With its unique capability to adapt synonyms and provide real-time feedback, akin to functional programming paradigms, Flux stands apart from other languages. We're continuously refining and expanding its capabilities based on feedback and requirements from our partners. If you're interested in gaining early access or learning more about our Partner Program, please contact us.

Why Flux?

Setting Flux Apart

In a crowded landscape of scripting languages, what sets Flux apart?

  1. Synonyms Approach: Flux is designed with adaptability in mind. Recognizing various synonymous commands ensures that the language feels intuitive and reduces the learning curve, especially for non-native English speakers. Explore how synonyms in Flux work and the logic behind their inclusion.

  2. Real-time Feedback Mechanism: Unlike traditional languages, Flux provides feedback while running, allowing users to change code akin to functional programming. This dynamism aids in the rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT solutions.

  3. Dedicated for IoT: In the vast landscape of IoT, there's an increasing need for a language tailored specifically for its challenges. Flux addresses this gap, bridging complex IoT workflows with user-friendly scripting.

Integration with Coreflux

Flux is deeply integrated with Coreflux, ensuring seamless communication, data flow, and task execution. Whether you're handling a few devices or an entire smart city, the partnership of Flux and Coreflux is there to simplify and empower.

Partner-Centric Development

Flux's development centers around our partners. We believe in co-creation. The continuous feedback loop with our Partner Customers ensures that Flux evolves to be both robust and user-friendly.

Future Roadmap

While in its alpha, Flux already boasts a myriad of features. Yet, our vision is vast, and the roadmap includes many enhancements. Stay connected for updates, and thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

Understanding the Essence of Flux

Event-Driven Nature

Flux thrives on events. In the world of IoT, where real-time actions are pivotal, Flux's ability to immediately react to events makes it a natural fit.

Syntax and Structure

The syntax is a blend of simplicity and versatility:

  1. Events: These are the triggers.

Example: ON temperature_sensor MATCHES 30°C

  1. Actions: Reacting to the above events.

Example: SEND alert AS user_device

  1. Conditions: Crafting more complex logic.

Example: IF time BETWEEN 10:00 AND 17:00 THEN BROADCAST alert TO user_device


Flux is like reading a book. Its plain English resemblance ensures that scripts can be understood by a wide audience, not just developers. Check Synonyms in Flux.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flux is adaptable. It caters to varying degrees of complexity, from turning off a light to managing an entire factory.

Example: WHEN pressure_valve_5 EXCEEDS 50psi THEN BROADCAST shutdown_command AS sector_3_machines

Flux Language Sections

Explore the various facets of Flux: