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Logging in Coreflux


In the digital age, logging is more than just keeping a record; it's about understanding the behavior, security, and performance of your system. Coreflux's logging capabilities offer businesses, both big and small, a window into their IoT ecosystem.


  • For Large Enterprises: Large enterprises often deal with a myriad of devices, connections, and data flows. Coreflux's logging allows them to:
  • Detect unauthorized access attempts, ensuring security at scale.
  • Monitor assets' health, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing downtimes.
  • Audit system usage, ensuring compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

  • For Small Businesses: Small businesses might not have the extensive infrastructure of larger companies, but they equally benefit from Coreflux's logging:

  • Understand client behaviors, helping in refining user experiences.
  • Quickly detect and rectify issues, ensuring smooth operations with limited resources.
  • Ensure security without a dedicated team, as Coreflux logs unauthorized access attempts and other potential threats.

What Can You Check?

  • Authentication Logs: Identify clients that failed to authenticate, helping in detecting potential breach attempts.
  • Asset Health: Monitor assets that went down unexpectedly, ensuring timely intervention.
  • Subscription Logs: Detect topics that were subscribed to but not allowed by authentication, ensuring data integrity and security.
  • Connection Logs: Monitor connections opened across different OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac, ensuring system-wide security.
  • Container Status: Keep an eye on the status of Docker containers, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Flux Asset Logs: Monitor logs from Docker containers and flux assets, ensuring the health of your IoT ecosystem.


Logging in Coreflux provides a comprehensive view of your IoT ecosystem. Whether you're a large enterprise or a budding startup, Coreflux ensures you're always in the know, making your operations smoother, secure, and efficient.