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Resource Management in Coreflux


Resource management is pivotal in ensuring the optimal performance of any system. Coreflux's resource monitoring capabilities ensure that your IoT ecosystem runs efficiently, irrespective of its scale.


  • For Large Enterprises: With a vast infrastructure, large enterprises can:
  • Analyze memory consumption patterns to optimize resource allocation.
  • Use Coreflux's edge capabilities to distribute tasks based on available resources, ensuring efficient operations.

  • For Small Businesses: Limited resources shouldn't mean limited capabilities. With Coreflux, small businesses can:

  • Monitor memory consumption to ensure smooth operations.
  • Efficiently allocate tasks to available resources, ensuring maximum output with minimal input.

What Can You Check?

  • Memory Consumption: Monitor the memory usage of Coreflux and detect any anomalies, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Hardware Resource Analysis: Determine if more hardware resources are required based on current consumption.
  • Edge Resource Utilization: Utilize the edge to your advantage. With Coreflux, you can install assets via command, allowing for orchestrated ML training on edges with ample space and resources.


Resource management in Coreflux ensures that your IoT ecosystem is always running at its best. By efficiently utilizing available resources, Coreflux ensures that businesses, big or small, can focus on innovation rather than infrastructure management.