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Before diving into the configuration, it's essential to install the MQTT broker, Coreflux Central. The Coreflux Hub simplifies this process for you.

Installation of Coreflux Central

  1. Access Installation Option: Within the Coreflux Hub application, navigate to the 'Install Coreflux Central' option.

  2. Choose Your Operating System: The Hub will detect your operating system (Windows or Linux) and provide the appropriate installation package. Click on the 'Install' button to begin the installation process.

  3. Automatic Installation: The Hub will handle the installation process for you, ensuring that Coreflux Central is set up correctly on your system.

Instalation is only locally

Please note that Coreflux Central must be installed locally on your machine. It cannot be installed on a remote edge or server. Ensure you're performing this installation on the device where you intend to run Coreflux Central.


Once Coreflux Central is installed:

  1. Access Configuration: In the Coreflux Hub, your new Hub should appear after installation. You should be able to connect. To access the configuration details, click on "..." and select either 'Hub Config' or 'User Configuration'.

  2. Define DataHub Users: As the DataHub acts as an MQTT broker, you'll need to define users for it. These users are separate from your Coreflux account and are specific to the broker. In MQTT, users are required for client authentication and authorization. Each user can be given specific permissions that define what topics they can publish or subscribe to.

    a. Add User: Click on "Add User" and provide the following details:

    • Username: An username for the user.
    • User Password: A password for the user.
    • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password for verification.
    • Allow Access: Specify if the user should have administrative access to manage the broker.

    b. User Access: This section provides a list of users along with their access configurations. To administer the broker effectively, certain users may be granted root access, which allows for comprehensive control over the MQTT broker's settings and operations.

    c. Password Change: The User Access section lists all current users. To change a user's password, simply click on the desired user's name. A form will pop up prompting you to enter a new password and confirm it by retyping it in the following fields:

    • New Password: Enter the new password for the username.
    • Confirm New Password: Re-enter the new password to ensure accuracy.