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Coreflux Central (Data Hub) - Reporting Issues

If you encounter an issue with Coreflux Central, our data hub designed to manage your IoT data flows, please report it through our GitHub issues page dedicated to Coreflux Central.

Reporting Process

Follow the steps below to report an issue with Coreflux Central:

Step 1: Create a GitHub Account

If you do not already have a GitHub account, create one at

Flux Assets - Reporting Issues

If you're facing issues with Flux Assets, the components that extend the functionality of Coreflux, please report them using the steps below:

Reporting Process

Step 1: Create a GitHub Account

Sign up for a GitHub account here:

Step 2: Navigate to Flux Assets Issues Page

To report an issue with Flux Assets, visit:

Flux Assets Issues

Step 3: Fill in the Issue Form

In the issue form, provide a clear description of the problem and attach the statuslog file, ensuring it does not contain sensitive information.

Step 4: Submit the Issue

Submit the issue to notify our support team, who will investigate and respond.