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Coreflux Partners Network: Upcoming 🗺

At Coreflux, we're always striving to enhance our platform and the ecosystem around it. As part of our commitment to providing the best IoT/cloud solutions, we're excited to introduce the upcoming features of our Partners Network.

CPN will be provided in 2023 December

We're thrilled about these upcoming features and the value they'll bring to our partners and users. However, we'd like to notify all our stakeholders that these enhancements are scheduled to be available by December 2023. We're working diligently to ensure that we meet this timeline and provide you with a seamless experience.


The Coreflux Partners Network is a comprehensive system designed to bolster the delivery and integration of the Coreflux platform, especially in IoT/cloud implementations. Our network is structured to include:

  • Training Partners: Dedicated entities that offer training and certification activities. Their primary role is to ensure that users and implementers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize Coreflux to its fullest potential.

  • Customer Partners: These partners require the support and assurance of certified collaborators. We aim to ensure that they always receive top-tier service and guidance.

  • Platform Partners: These are our technology allies that integrate directly with the Coreflux system. Certification for these partners is paramount to ensure seamless integration and to allow customers the convenience of purchasing Coreflux alongside their platforms.

  • Integrators: These partners are crucial in embedding Coreflux into a myriad of environments, be it factories, buildings, cities, or other platforms.

Introducing "fluxtokens"

To further enrich our partnership ecosystem, we're introducing a reward system called "fluxtokens." These tokens will serve as a medium of exchange within our network, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for all stakeholders.